• deepin screen recorder - no audio external usb mic

    Hi guys i want to do a screen cast using deepin screen recorder

    I ve tested on kazam and i can make one with audio
    I can select the mic on kazam but cant find settings in screen recorder so pick the mic usb external

    my computer has a dummy hda internal mic so it selects this first theoperating system i think im not sure

    im just thinking there must be someway of telling it to use this mic and not the internal one?

  • may if you choose this inside pulseaudio settings ?

  • Yes i tried the pab front end i can see the hda one and a tick but doesnt seem to do anything …
    Im thinking of looking into how to disable the internal intel hda that does nothing and just reboot then it will only have the usb one and then it shoukd just work!?

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