• Might be moving from Mint to Antergos, any tips?

    A few weeks ago, I made a post about maybe moving my Plex server from Mint 18.3 to Antergos. At the time, I really didn’t have a compelling reason to do so. Everything is working fine with Mint until a few days ago.

    Now, I don’t know if this is a Mint specific problem or something with mdadm but I spent DAYS trying to share out a folder on my RAID 6 array (/mnt/md0/data). My export file was fine, nfs-server installed, rpcbind installed… everything was right but clients couldn’t see any files in that folder. They could map it but not see anything in it.

    I was able to share /mnt/md0 (the entire array… that worked… clients could see everything) but not a folder within the array. Was banging my head into the wall with this and got help from a couple of folks on another forum but nothing worked.

    Then, I scrounged up some hard drives and setup a RAID 6 array in Antergos and used the same export file, same /mnt/md0/data directory and it worked PERFECTLY! I don’t know if this is a Mint specific problem or something with the slightly older version of mdadm that Mint uses.

    If I make the jump to Antergos, I believe I can bring my array over and will just need to reinstall a few programs on my boot drive. (Like an idiot, I didn’t put / on a separate drive so I’ll need to backup everything (and make darn sure I get it all) and nuke my boot SSD and install Antergos onto it. Or, could I install along side Mint, make sure everything is cool and then just trash the Mint install and reclaim the space? (That scares me a bit, being a newbie and all.)

    So is there a checklist I could look over if I want to make the leap?

  • @RoadHazard

    • If you have good backups (i.e. you absolutely know they work) on external drive(s), then nothing can go horribly wrong. ;)
    • If you end up dual booting, put Antergos grub in control. Mint grub may not work for Antergos.
    • VirtualBox can be a good way of experimenting first.
  • @ssspacez Sorry for not making it clearer… I don’t need help with moving Plex from Mint to Antergos… this post was more about, IF I decide to switch from Mint to Antergos, beyond what I talked about, is there anything else I should be sure to grab a copy of before switching?

    Like will my array survive? What files to make sure I grab copies of, etc.

    @manuel I probably won’t dual boot. I’m currently running Antergos on my ‘gaming’ PC with no complaints. I’m having MAJOR problems getting NFS sharing working in Mint while it works flawlessly in Antergos. I would really like to use it for something I’m working on and this single thing might drive me to Antergos on my server. I just wonder if I’m giving up stability with Mint for possible update breaking issues with a rolling distro. My Plex server needs 24x7 uptime. :)

  • @RoadHazard
    About the NFS problems on Mint, can’t they help you on the Mint forums?

    In general, I’m not very happy about Mint’s way of handling updates. The rating system for updates sounds a bad idea for me, and is also quite confusing.
    So, maybe some Ubuntu variant or Debian stable could be suitable as your server?

    It is possible to have breaking issues with a rolling distro, but it is not unheard of to get breaks on a non-rolling distro.

    If you select Antergos as a server, then it is a very good idea to look at Arch web pages before any update to see if there are any known problems.

    Another useful idea for Antergos is to install two kernels, linux-lts and linux (including their headers) in case one of them causes problems after update.

  • @manuel Yeah, there’s a guy on the Mint forums I was working with and he had me try all sorts of things but I was also carrying out the same steps with Antergos and what was failing in Mint, worked perfectly with Antergos. I’m thinking it was something with the v3.3 of MDADM that comes with Mint 18.3 or something with Mint in general. It made no sense and was severely aggravating.

  • @RoadHazard
    Well how about Debian stable for the server? Does it include the programs you need, or do they need to be installed manually? If I were you, I’d seriously consider Debian for a server.

  • @manuel Tried that originally and had a couple of weird problems and there were a few things that Mint made easier when using a Debian distro. Antergos was my 2nd choice after trying a LOT of different distros. If I’m switching, it will be to Antergos. :)

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