• Antergos 32bit?

    Are there any 32bit versions of Antergos?

  • Not anymore, 32 bit support was dropped by Arch, but there are 32 bit enthousiasts busy building and looking for a way for maintaining it. It is still under construction, though.

  • @Bryanpwo Thank you very much my mate. Thought as much! Trying to pump up an old Dell. Thanks for the response.

  • Arch 32 works very well. As Bryan said, Antergos 32 is under development, as is Reborn 32. If you are comfortable installing Arch from scratch, though; Arch 32 works great!

  • you can use old 32BIT Antergos ISO
    http://linuxtracker.org/ antergos i686 torrent download
    change pacman.conf to the one from archlinux32 + mirrorlist from archlinux32! and install with the wiki open inside browser will be much more easy then from CLI, as you can copy paste into terminal… ;)

    https://kickass-cr.com antergos i686 torrent download

  • @JoeSh88
    Debian is still fully supporting 32-bit systems. I’m using Debian stable on one of my old machines, but using it for a very special purpose so there I don’t need the benefits of Antergos.
    Don’t know if you’re interested in this kind of a solution though.

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