• Antergos minimal ISO on Vbox not starting after install

    Got this error twice already:

    00:19:21.420270 VGA Sequencer (3C5): SR index 3C4:04
    00:19:21.420275 SR00:03 SR01:00 SR02:0F SR03:00 SR04:0A SR05:00 SR06:00 SR07:01
    00:19:21.420317 !!
    00:19:21.420317 !! {vgatext}
    00:19:21.420317 !!
    00:19:21.420322 Not in text mode!
    00:19:21.420324 !!!
    00:19:21.420370 emR3Debug: rc=VERR_PGM_INVALID_CR3_ADDR

    It’s minimal ISO, install settings are as normal ISO but after install, reboots and starts kernel and Vbox shows a message that there is a problem:

    “A critical error has occurred while running the virtual machine and the machine execution as been stopped.”

    ISO download was done like 12 hours ago.

  • Wow, same error on a complete Antergos ISO. This makes me think… could it be VBox? I have installed Antergos here before, a week ago or so, and it was ok.
    Let me do some more testing on other Linux distros.

  • I installed 3 days ago and it was working, i’ll try again today.

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