• Keyboard not working after wake up or boot

    Hi All,
    I’m having the problem that after start up the keyboard does not work, until I click on a different desktop on the Worspace Switcher in my panel.
    Is this known? Is there a solution?
    Many thanks

  • @nachbar
    Which desktop environment do you use?

  • Hi, I use XFCE

  • @nachbar

    This thread has some insights, but it’s hard to say absolutely for sure what is going on.

    But like it said there, when you come back from sleep can you still drop to the shell (tty?)

    f2 through f6 should be your ttys,
    ctrl+alt+f7 should take you back to your graphical session.

    you may need to reinstall some drivers, or could be a hardware issue. Can you try a different keyboard or unplug it and plug it back in?

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