• Sound slider from 1% to 2% too loud

    My sound appears to have only three settings, Muted, Low, and High.

    Moving the volume slider from mute to 1%, the volume is soft and low. Moving it from 1% to 2% and the sound becomes extremely loud, as if I had moved it to 50% or higher.

    However, sliding it past 2% has no change in volume. Its either 1% soft, or 2% loud.

  • do you try alsamixer from terminal?

  • I was “sort of” able to solve the issue by adjusting volume controls in alsa, pauv, etc. I have another issue that is similar but not nearly as frustrating. The volume seems to get too high each percentage adjusted (move 1%, but it goes up 3% or something as such), but now at least it’s adjustable.

    I am able to find a middle ground by adjusting the amp, the sound for the computer, and the program itself if it has a volume. Though I prefer to pre-amp, not able to here.

    I’ve had some kind of sound issue with Linux and this motherboard since I’ve bought it. With the Recon3D sound chip.

    I still have the sound randomly stop working which requires a complete shutdown. A reboot does not work.

    I am happy with what I got right now.

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