• Create a portuguese language forum section

    There are over 220 million native Portuguese speakers https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_language, and estimate of 250 million speakers,I think creating a forum for this language (my language by the way, I’m brazilian) could help some people.

    If 0.01% of the 220 million decides to install Antergos, that’s already 22.000 people. Maybe creating a portuguese forum section would be a good idea.

  • @ssspacez

    Someone recommended that a while ago, at that time i was the only brazilian here and i personaly prefer using the english forum, though i’m not agains’t having a portuguese forum too.
    Maybe @karasu can create it.

  • Português: Eu concordo, até porque há muita gente que não tem facilidade noutras línguas. Um forum em Português ajuda na procura e se não for encontrada a resposta aí, terão que recorrer ao Inglês.

    English: I agree, because many Portugueseor Brasilian people cannot understand English. If they do find the answer on the Portuguese forum, that’s perfect, otherwise, they will to se the English version.

  • @karasu Thank you!

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