I’m making a fresh install, 2 issues:

1 - WiFi

It was detecting my wifi but it was not connecting. The way I solved this was by removing my wifi of the list and adding it manually, I had to type the SSID and choose the security, the rest was detected automatically and the installation continued.

2 - Partition/login step

I already have Antergos installed, just Antergos, boot and swap partitions that were automatically created by the installer the first time(a few days ago) I formatted everything and just installed Antergos.

I was trying to erase everything again and install it with the first option of the partition window step. This error 0 shows up at the login creation:

“Cannot wipe the filesystem of device /dev/sda wipefs error dev/sda probing initialization failed: Device or resource busy”

So I rebooted and started the installation again but this time it seems to work, it’s installing.

Update: The installation worked, I just had these 2 issues.