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    Im running deepin desktop on antergos and i really love the deepin music app but it doesnt scrobble to last.fm and thats what i like to do !! i have used Rhythmbox before and its great just doesnt look as good as deepin music! i looked at quite a few and they all look similar to Rhythmbox! there must be something more modern looking with last.fm support…!

    ive asked deepin as a request to add scrobble support… fingers crossed!

    Which music player you use and why…

  • @wayneward said in Best Music Player..:

    Which music player you use and why

    SMplayer, simple yet complete.
    If i want to see video or music from youtube i copy and paste the link there, it saves me some RAM memory and i also enabled the “system tray” option, that way i can make smplayer screen disappear while i listen to music (specially usefull for i3-wm)

    I even totally abandonned the need of having a video and a music player here, i use only smplayer.

  • it looks pretty good i just like album art and scrobbling to last.fm

    deepin music is light weight and i like it a lot just no scroblling

    also i tried lollypop that looked promising and its got a great lay out but no last.fm support although it does scrobble to libre.fm

  • Rhythmbox is an old rabbit and can do both … there are a lot of try and error apps out but they all have some hard issues…

  • @joekamprad said in Best Music Player..:


    Rhythmbox is the one i end up using like you say it does it all and its solid
    im thinking all it needs now is a face lift!!

  • I think Clementine is the best option. Last.fm, drive, etc. and you can edit your music and read the lyrics

  • @Nitrofurantoina yes clementine is also tastefull and stable, and got some very usefull features like remote control over android (and thus is working easy)

  • Sounds interesting ill pacman this when i get back in
    Hopefully it has a more modern look
    Sounds busting with features !!

  • Take a look, arc-dark gtk theme and flat-remix-dark icons (in cinnamon)


  • Looks damn good 😎

  • 0_1515616775094_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-01-10 21-36-32.png

    remote on smartphone:


  • @joekamprad thats such a great option to have ill have to look in to that.

    im gonna throw an idea out thats not really a linux app but google music works great in the browser. i use this quite a bit since i can sync up playlists with my phone and even upload music from my pc to the cloud to sync. although i should add im trying to get away from using google products more and more because of their privacy issues.

    off the top of my head i like Audacious - clementine - tomahawk

    found a few lists also



  • I’ve tested a few, for music the best in my opinion are these two:

    I like the idea of listening a radio from another part of the world, but the UI of gradio needs improvement, it’s not fully translated yet, but it’s an interesting concept/idea. In terms of UI Clementine is good, you customize it too, for example that internet section if you don’t use those services, just go to preferences and remove them.

  • I ended up with clementine its pretty damn good! Going to put it on themain machine tomorrow and connect the remote! It connected straight to last.fm and wasnt bothered about my musuc being a symlink folder! Picked up all the artwork … so far so good !! Awesome 😎

  • @Nitrofurantoina said in Best Music Player..:

    Take a look, arc-dark gtk theme and flat-remix-dark icons (in cinnamon)


    Awesome 😎

  • @ssspacez said in Best Music Player..:


    thanks for remind me of this nice gradio-player, i remember to use it a lot, decades before, and it is still awesome!

  • If you are looking for a lightweight music player with clean, intuitive user interface and all the standard features, give Sayonara a try

    0_1516038346316_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-01-15 18-45-26.png

  • alt text

    awesome yes im impressed scrobbles and looks a bit nicer than what ive been using - thank you :)

  • @wayneward said in Best Music Player..:

    alt text

    awesome yes im impressed scrobbles and looks a bit nicer than what ive been using - thank you :)

    link text

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