• Working on "Central Utility" script

    Hey all!

    I’m making a script to be like a dmenu combining important administrative functions related with arch-based systems and launch basic apps.

    Some screenshots



    At first launch, whenever you want to run a terminal, text editor, the script will ask you what are your favorites, so type one you like. For example: if you use xfce4-terminal or gedit editor. Those variable will be stored at ~/home/$USER/scripts/.portergos_utility

    Also, for now the script needs to be stored accorddingly, ~/home/$USER/scripts/portergos_utility

    OBS: Needs yad to run, and reflector and haveged for some pacman options.

    Use and change it freely!
    *remember to make the file executable

  • That’s amazing @fernandomaroto😀. I’ll try it out myself right away…

  • This looks awesome! Thanks for this!

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