Please tell i have using .Zip extraction setup.sh generateprojectfiles.sh and make and also an alternative make suggested for Arch linux but this dont work.
    i installed tar.gz file but how to build that from source in the PKGBUILD ? please help… and send me exact comand lines for ease ! or any better alternate method also. If i try to download it from AUR in software manager then it gives error please help.

    i have tried using make and make UE4Editor-Linux-Debug both and it ends up shown the build time and an error !

  • @jatin said in UNREAL ENGINE BUILD FAILS:

    an error !

    what was the error?

    and be more precise on what you try and what exactly you try to install…

    we have this in AUR too: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/unreal-engine/
    and a wiki entry existing too:


  • It is a private repository but i have access to it ! but how to tell the PKGBUILD that i have access to it. Infact on the arch linux AUR i saw "For a smaller download, you can download the release as a tar.gz after logging into github.com, then use that file as the source in the PKGBUILD. " i fail to understand how to use it as source ?

  • i first downloaded using git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/unreal-engine.git and then i did makepkg PKGBUILD but it is a private repository and i have to tell the PKGBUILD that i have access to it how to do that or else how to use tar.gz file as a source ?

  • for this you need to download the PKGBUILD onto your local installation before building.


    unpack it and save the source into the extracted folder.

    cd to unreal-engine folder and build manually:

    makepkg -si
  • you will need to create an github account and use this to get access to this repo… directly


  • after unpacking the extracrted folder by tar -xvzf what to do next how to source it into extracted folder thats what i am unable to understand.

    i have an access to the repos that is completely fine.

  • 0_1515404563818_failed.png

    This is what is happening how to tell the Package that i have access to it ? it is not asking me for my github username or password this is the main issue !

  • How to tell my github account to the terminal and tell that i have access to it ! it is not asking for my github password or username ??

  • no you need to setup itaccount locally and ssh key like this:

    git config --global user.name "your github username here"
    git config --global user.email "[email protected]" your github emailadress here


    install xclip: sudo pacman -S xclip

    and add the key to your github account:

  • may you need to change yaourtrc to use bigger tmp directory:

    sudo nano /etc/yaourtrc

    and change

  • Will just git config work ? Is it important to setup ssh key ?

  • @jatin said in UNREAL ENGINE BUILD FAILS:

    Is it important to setup ssh key

    PKGBUILD make it necessary …

    "git+ssh://[email protected]/EpicGames/UnrealEngine.git#tag=$pkgver-release"

  • 0_1515436331371_Screenshot from 2018-01-09 00-01-54.png

    Everything worked until this error.

  • i try to build it now for 3 . time …

  • 0_1515439427366_Screenshot from 2018-01-09 00-48-30.png

    Recompiling worked really thanks !

  • there is allways a way ⛳

  • @jatin how long does it take for you to build? looks like you get a hell of a machine !

  • with a Threadripper(1950x) if I am using all 32 threads I think it takes around 7-10 mins

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