• Couldn't Install Because Couldnt Spoof Mac Address


    I have downloaded Antergos GUI Installer which is about 1.9 GB
    I have a 64 bit system running with Linux Mint KDE 18.3, Ubuntu MATE 17.10 and Windows OS.

    The problem i faced when i tried to install Antergos is i could not change or spoof the mac address in network manager. everytime i spoof the mac address it reverts back to the original address.

    i also connect to the Internet using a DSL/ PPPoE dialer.

    Being unable to change the mac address i was unable to log in to the internet.

    Antergos comes with 5 DE to choose from, i wanted to try KDE. i assume for this i need to connect to the Internet to download the nessesary files ?

    Please help me out, How do i change/spoof MAC address.

  • sorry to say, it did not work. as i said before network manager does not save the spoofed mac address. it shows the original no matter how many times i apply.

    I’ve also found the PPPOE settings to be buggy. other linux distros has a much better network manager.

    this should not happen in Antergos because i need internet access to complete the installation.

    I’m going to try a command line method to change the mac address. i hope it works otherwise bye bye Antergos… i’ll have to switch to Manjaro.

  • i was able to change the mac address using command line parameters. but the PPPOE/VPN setup is where i failed. after putting username and password, it does not connect. i’ve noticed i cant complete the VPN setup without putting a pptp/server name. unfortunately my ISP did not provide any so i put a random name. in other distro network managers i didnt had to put any pptp gateway server name. username and pass just worked.

    cant even setup network settings properly. what kind of distro is this ?

  • network-manager is not developed from Antergos it is from RedHat and is used in most Distributions:

    The only difference is that Antergos is a real rolling release system and we are using the latest sources…

    bye bye @dailyfail then?

  • yes Bye Bye Antergos.
    can’t provide a decent network-manager interface. Didn’t expect this in 2018 !

    using Manjaro KDE without any hiccups.

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