• Copy paste not working

    Hey guys.

    Recently I tried to copy paste in the browser(firefox), and wasn’t working. After that I tried to do that in the file manager, and terminal (using Ctrl + Shift + C) also didn’t work.
    In both cases I even tried with the mouse and also wasn’t working.
    I check obkey and there isn’t any keybinding overlapping.

    How can I fix this?

  • first try remember what you are changing before…

  • I am not sure what you mean, for example I am trying to paste from Firefox into sublime.

    If you mean installing packages, the only thing that I installed recently are the updates. I had no idea that was possible to even break copy/paste.

    Do you have any idea in which config files I can look for?

  • any change you made before can cause it… or installing a new program e.t.c. may you simple need to reboot or logout login to get rid of it…

  • This is happening since last week, I already rebooted, shutdown, and everything.
    When I paste something I get only this “\Uffffffff” it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Install parcellite if you don’t have it, maybe it helps.

    Run it, a little icon should appear in your bar (tint2 or whatever you use).

    Then left button shows your clipboard, right button lets you setup it.


  • I also had to delete the configs, and worked.

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