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    I have installed Antergos xfce on an old Dell 64-bit.
    I did that quite some time ago, but I’m still a newbie.
    When I get up to take a piss or get a snack or just look out the window I come back to the Login screen again.
    It has become a nuisance as I do one or the other of those things frequently.
    I would greatly appreciate knowing how to:
    a) extend the time before that happens?
    b) be able to RE-login with a simple single key tap?

  • @monk13 , I didn t quite get what you mean. Why would you have to re-login?
    Maybe it s the lock-screen you re talking about?

  • All I can tell you is that I am sent back to the exact same screen as the initial Login screen after I leave the computer idle for some time time.

  • It is the lock screen you’re talking about. You can change the settings in the preference menu under energy.

    Thanks Guys.
    Being a newbie I figured I would need to go into the terminal to fix this.
    xfce -> settings -> xfce power manager -> display -> maxed out all 3 settings to 60 min.
    Now I can walk away - and come back to the screen I left.
    Thanks again.

  • @monk13 Glad to help.

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