• Conky Installation - Not Working

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to install Conky using the directions here:

    When I try using the ‘preview.sh’ script, none of the conky themes display correctly on my Antergos install using Gnome DE. I have a Dell XPS 13 with QHD display and it appears that each version (theme) of Conky is busted for me.

    Anyone else seeing this issue and have resolved it? TIA.

  • may you try install conky-manager and set the path to configs and themes inside it, as i can see the github is made for ubuntu, and is not 100% compatible with arch-based systems

  • i give th github theming pack a try… none of them working under Antergos… all screwed up…

    i allways like conky manager to start up creating my own conkyrc…

  • if you want to get a conkyrc working under GNOME you need to have this inside:

        own_window = true,
        own_window_class = 'Conky',
        own_window_type = 'desktop',
        own_window_transparent = true,
        own_window_argb_visual = true,
        own_window_argb_value = 255,

    or you start like this:
    0_1515340473442_Bildschirmfoto von »2018-01-07 16-53-34«.png

  • Hey @joekamprad,

    Thanks for your help. Is this with the “out of the box” conky? Not using the github link I pasted above to the 'Harmattan Conky Themed" version. Is that correct? Just want to be clear with the configs and setups you are working with.

    I downloaded the Conky Manager and some of the other themed versions of Conky work, and some of them do not. Can you link the .conkyrc config you are working with? Also to be clear, it’s a hidden file (.conkyrc) in your home directory correct?

    Thanks again for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated.

  • you can copy the default .conkyrc from package:

    cp /usr/share/doc/conky-1.10.6_pre/conky.conf ~/.conkyrc

    this will create a default .conkyrc for your local user (not systemwide)
    But here is my one from screenshot above ready to use under GNOME:

    to edit:

    gedit ~/.conkyrc

    this one will start with conky as command…

    If you install conky-manager you wil get some preinstalled conkythemes you can modify with the GUI

  • Hey @joekamprad,

    I removed everything (Conky, all related packages, the Harmattan theme) and started fresh. I got my Conky up and running:

    I tried using the Conky Manager, but it appears a lot of the themes (when I hit preview) break and do not work correctly:

    Is there some changes that the Conky Manager needs to do themes correctly? Also, if there is a manual way to install themes, I’d be open to looking into that as well. Ideally, I’d like to use the transparent version of the Harmattan theme on my system.

    I will do some googling on Conky, but just wanted to update this thread before I forget.

    Thanks again @joekamprad.

  • Conky Manager is able to import themes too, and you can edit them with the wheel (placing/transparency/devices) and edit themefiles itself by clicking on the pencil…

    You can also start conky multiple times with different configs, by creating a starter for them…

  • So why is some of the ‘out of the box’ themes broken with Conky Manager? As my 2nd screenshot shows…

  • as i think it is not possible to create themes that works for all systems, you need to create your own…

    Also i take a look to the github zagortenay333/Harmattan and this themes will be hard to get working onto your system too… the readme seems not up to date, and i find none of the themes working here, the push error over error…

    I would say it is more easy to search for something else

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