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    any of you guys using brave browser?

    my main browser is still chromium but starting to use the chrome spin offs more and brave browser is pretty interesting with its built in ad blocking and payment system for some sites.

    just looking for some feedback on user experience.

  • @megaman
    I just downloaded to give i a try and as far as it can’t install more extenions it really doesn’t interest me, but maybe it’s nice for you. (i downloaded the .rpm file in a VM, not sure how long would take to build from AUR)

    While almost browsers use around 160 MB - 190 MB disk space brave (.rpm) is around 400 MB.

    It comes with some built in extensions and can’t install chrome extensions



  • that my was my main issue with brave is you cant install extensions from the chrome store. although ive heard there is some work arounds that i haven’t tried though.

    overall the browser feels very snappy and all the default ad blocks are great. like having firefox no script built in.

  • @megaman I am trying Brave out for the first time as of yesterday as well. Seems pretty nice aside from the toolbar auto hide function not working properly on Antergos :/ The browser is based on chrome but developed by someone who worked on firefox. Im sure they will add more extensions down the road (I dont really use too many so I dont mind).

    Have you used any other alternatives to Chrome or Firefox? Brave is good but is there anything better?

  • @Janxinz said in Brave Browser:

    Im sure they will add more extensions down the road

    That’s true.

    I read somewhere that since firefox is migrating to be more like chrome, firefox team will also migrate from their app store to another compatible with chrome.
    If true, that would also mean that brave won’t be migrating to firefox but to chrome app stile too.

  • @Janxinz Vivaldi is also good and all the chrome extensions work. think its a lot more polished on the Linux as Brave i think still needs some more work. its also in the Antergos Repo.

  • @fernandomaroto Firefox doesnt know what they are doing LOL wow never seen such a big app fall off so much. how weird is it they have this huge addon site but want to use Chrome store extensions?

    i would bet Brave will make it to where you can use the Chrome store soon.

  • The real question is how accurate their claims of ad and tracker blocking are. With them being in bed with Chrome like that makes me doubtful…

  • @Janxinz i dont think they are in bed with chrome. they are just using the chromium open source code to make their own browser.

    theres always a question if google can still track you through chromium spin offs.

  • My optimistic thinking hopes that they used the source code in a way that counters all of the tracking. Use the code against itself lol.

    Have you ever tried waterfox?

  • @Janxinz i havent tried waterfox. im pretty much gonna stay away from anything related to firefox. i think they are a complete mess.

  • Fair enough, I have been digging Brave so far. It’s pretty fast and I have definitely noticed less ads compared to base Chromium and Firefox. I went from Firefox to Chrome/Chromium back to Firefox and now Brave. I guess we will have to re-assess in a month or two (at least for you and me being new users). Sorry I don’t have more feedback :/

  • @megaman said in Brave Browser:

    Vivaldi is also good and all the chrome extensions work.

    extensions from chrome or opera? I always thought it was opera since vivaldi is a fat clone of opera in my opinion hehehe

  • @fernandomaroto well i think the former founder of Opera made Vivaldi but ya it will work with chrome store extensions. maybe opera also im not sure about that.

    he for sure made it very opera like but with chromium base. best of both worlds really. i always liked opera from way back in the day but havent used it in years because they got bought out by another company. ive been starting to use Vivaldi more its very polished.

  • @megaman Yes, the founder of Opera did branch off to make Vivaldi. He abandoned Opera, because he couldn’t find himself in the vision that the Chinese investors had. Opera,Vivaldi…He really has a thing for Classical music, from the sound of it… As am I, BTW.

  • @Bryanpwo funny both founders or firefox and opera have both left the projects for one reason or another and both decided to use chromium as a base for new browsers.

    yes you are correct it was a Chinese company that bought Opera

    i heard from users there was some privacy concerns with that company taking over. not sure how well Opera is doing these days although again i think they started to use chromium as the base.

    i think this happens in almost all cases a company buys out another they want to bring in their own workers and typically get rid of the old staff.

    i look forward to seeing what Vivaldi and Brave do in the future.

  • funny both founders or firefox and opera have both left the projects for one reason or another and both decided to use chromium as a base for new browsers.

    Really? I didn’t know about the Firefox founder. What project did he start?


  • @Keegan The Brave browser.

  • Really? That’s made by the Firefox founder? Wow! I had no idea…

    May just give it a try then…


  • It won’t work that great, if you have a machine below 4 gigs of RAM, though. That was my experience, maybe it changed.

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