• install deepin with gnome conflicts

    i was looking at taking a look at deepin but when i go to install i get conflicts
    here is the first one that i stop at ! as i dont want to break gnome
    :: deepin-clutter and clutter are in conflict. Remove clutter? [y/N]
    and the second one is
    :: deepin-cogl and cogl are in conflict. Remove cogl? [y/N]

    will this break my gnome install anybody know …

    (ive tried reborn os in the meantime with deepin and was quiet impressed!)

  • removing clutter and cogl will break GNOME for sure! better install it in a VM or on a second space…

  • now thats a bummer i like to just switch between the desktops on one computer thats what ive always done!! ive setup a virtualbox and installed it on that and was quite impressed would just be nice to have it on my laptop so i can use for a while then switch back to gnome if its not right if you know what i mean :)

  • Yes i do understand you, i do not know about that conflict before… Do you try to install deepin with the meta package?

  • @joekamprad said in install deepin with gnome conflicts:


    no i never knew about this ill try this now …

  • same problem im afraid :(

    alt text

  • Which displaymanager (greeter) do you use? 7 months ago I also had a conflict with Gnome and Deepin alongside in GDM. It was solved by using the default lightdm Antergos greeter.

  • i just use the default one ive only just installed it ive just looked looks like lightdm

  • I’ve just installed Deepin next to Gnome,clutter and cogl removed and Gnome or Deepin doesn’t break. You can safely install them next to each other.

  • Brave move ill do it now and try a reboot let you know …

    Awesome 😎

  • yes this works !! i now have gnome and deepin thank you !!alt text


  • So it looks like, this to dependencies are only optional needed… I need to recheck.

  • @joekamprad
    I’ve checked, but correct if I’m wrong: The two got replaced by deepin-cogl and deepin-clutter. I assume Gnome can run them without difficulties.

  • Hopefully should be ok unless gnome gets a big update and whats its libs back?!..

  • That’s the question here… I will have a look to dependency tree later

  • @wayneward
    Anything could happen, but I think that the chances are slim, Deepin uses a lot of Gnome dependencies.

  • should be fine hopefully
    talking of dependencies have you installed gnucash before… it uses webkitgtk!..
    3 hours later still compiling!!

  • @wayneward if gnome is your main DE maybe you could install the ones from gnome and check if deepin works, i mean reverse the packages back since you already managed to install deepin, like sudo pacman -S clutter cogl

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