• happy new year and happy new operating system!!

    hey people im wayne i live in spain and switched to antergos over the xmas period!
    Ive used debian / ubuntu for over the past 8/9 years and gentoo and redhat / fedora before that and suse and mandrake in my early days!!
    really enjoying antergos better than anything before its great!!

    Does anybody know a good app for droid that will connect to this forum and keep me updated on forum updates etc !! or were is the best social place to communicate and talk to other antergos users :)

  • Hi,


    If you want to chat with Antergos users (using your phone) I would recommend you using the Telegram app.

    There’re two channels, one in English and the other one in Spanish.


    Both are official, but the English one is better organised (we have hard working OP’s there) and has more users. You can enter both, of course.


  • https://antergos.com/wiki/install/getting-help-in-the-antergos-irc-channel/

    You can join irc or Telegram to get into our chat.

    There are also all the social media channels aviable like twitter facebook google e.t.c.




  • thankyou yes i joined them and just joined the telegram system thats brilliant!

    i like to watch the telegram incase i can help :)

  • One more question i installed tapatalk to see if i could use that to browse these forums as its not great on chrome on android but only can find arch is on there but no antergos
    Does anybody know of any apps on android that will conect to this forum at all …

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