• Lightdm and locker not working correctly under GNOME

    There is a thread here:


    That apparently has a solution for running Lightdm under GNOME, unfortunately I have found that, apps like Caffeine do not work and the screen will also blank while watching a video.

    This is not an acceptable solution to call the situation solved, IMHO.
    Does anyone have any additional information on a solution since that thread in June?

    Many thanks

  • B. T. W caffeine is not official packaged, and last official release is from end of 2016…

    there is also:
    Fill the cup to inhibit auto suspend and screensaver

  • @horga83 and @joekamprad
    I’m not using gnome but caffeine-ng is working fine here (i3-wm). I’ts unclear to me if you’re trying to use the extension for gnome or caffeine from AUR.

  • I’m using the extension from the extension.gnome.org site. I’ll try the one from the AUR and see if that helps.

    Also I now have GDM working correctly, it was the UEFI setting of my bios. See the other thread on this forum.

    So that may be why lightdm was not working 100%, I’ll try it again later tonight or tomorrow. I had found that light-locker would blank my screen when a video was playing as well. Hopefully the bios problem is the source of all this.

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