• lenovo miix 510 function keys

    I have Antergos on a Lenovo Miix 510 that does not have a CMOS setup option to disable function keys, puting f1 to f12 keys in standard mode. Instead fn has to be used to toggle f1-f12 functionality. How can you change this within antergos?

  • @Jimmy said in lenovo miix 510 function keys:

    Lenovo Miix 510

    what desktop environment?

  • GNOME 3. sorry for not mentioning.

  • try this:


    0_1515068617558_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-01-04 13-23-06.png

  • what do i do in gnome-control-center > devices > Keyboard? i dont see an option…

  • Is there a better option?

  • @Jimmy if i understand right you want to invert the behavior of the [Fn] key?
    I try to find something but only find that there was some keybord shortcuts to do this or Bios settings… inside keyboard settings with gnome-control-center you can add also custom shortcuts, and disable/change the shortcuts from the list…

  • It is sldo possible to do such manually by editing config files:


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