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    Installed antergos on laptop and everything is fine except cant get printer to go It is a brother mfc j265w , have found drivers on brother website but are in either deb or rpm format.Has anyone got or know of a solution .Have found documentation on altering the format but way to complicated .
    Any help appreciated Thankyou Chris

  • Hi,

    if you have cups installed, try to install the printer with it.

    Open this link and klick on “add printer”.


    user = root
    your system password

    More infos here:

  • @chrismac
    How about installing package brother-mfc-j265w from AUR?

  • @chrismac said in installing printer:

    mfc j265w

    Brother printer needs a driver, mostly installable over AUR PKGBUILD, build and install it with pacaur or yaourt:

    pacaur -S brother-mfc-j265w
    yaourt -S brother-mfc-j265w

    And no need to use Cups-Webinterface over your Browser, mostly printer will be aviable automatic after reboot system then…

    Printers are handeled by this backends:

    kde = print-manager
    GNOME e.t.c. = system-config-printer

    If you get problems that printer is not shown up after installing driver and reboot, uninstall hplip, as it interfere with finding the right driver:

    sudo pacman -R hplip

  • Have installed cups but when i try to print test page i get
    "client-error-document-format - not-supported.
    and printing test page through web interface gives similar message.

  • @chrismac said in installing printer:

    client-error-document-format - not-supported

    can you give the output of:
    pacman -Qs foomatic

  • @joekamprad Here is the troubleshooting log if that is any help.
    Page 1 (<troubleshoot.SchedulerNotRunning.SchedulerNotRunning object at 0x7fa5b144ffd0>):
    {‘cups_connection_failure’: False}
    Page 2 (<troubleshoot.ChoosePrinter.ChoosePrinter object at 0x7fa5b144fc18>):
    {‘cups_dest’: <cups.Dest Brother-MFC-J265W (default)>,
    ‘cups_instance’: None,
    ‘cups_queue’: ‘Brother-MFC-J265W’,
    ‘cups_queue_listed’: True}
    Page 3 (<troubleshoot.CheckPrinterSanity.CheckPrinterSanity object at 0x7fa5e6f83ac8>):
    {‘cups_device_uri_scheme’: ‘usb’,
    ‘cups_printer_dict’: {‘device-uri’: ‘usb://Brother/MFC-J265W?serial=BROG1F381457’,
    ‘printer-info’: ‘Brother MFC-J265W’,
    ‘printer-is-shared’: True,
    ‘printer-location’: ‘Laptop’,
    ‘printer-make-and-model’: ‘Generic Text-Only Printer’,
    ‘printer-state’: 3,
    ‘printer-state-message’: ‘’,
    ‘printer-state-reasons’: [‘none’],
    ‘printer-type’: 4337668,
    ‘printer-uri-supported’: ‘ipp://localhost/printers/Brother-MFC-J265W’},
    ‘cups_printer_remote’: False,
    ‘is_cups_class’: False,
    ‘local_cups_queue_attributes’: {‘charset-configured’: ‘utf-8’,
    ‘charset-supported’: [‘us-ascii’, ‘utf-8’],
    ‘color-supported’: False,
    ‘compression-supported’: [‘none’, ‘gzip’],
    ‘copies-default’: 1,
    ‘copies-supported’: (1, 9999),
    ‘cups-version’: ‘2.2.6’,
    ‘device-uri’: ‘usb://Brother/MFC-J265W?serial=BROG1F381457’,
    ‘document-format-default’: ‘application/octet-stream’,
    ‘document-format-supported’: [‘application/octet-stream’,
    ‘finishings-default’: 3,
    ‘finishings-supported’: [3],
    ‘generated-natural-language-supported’: [‘en-nz’],
    ‘ipp-features-supported’: [‘subscription-object’],
    ‘ipp-versions-supported’: [‘1.0’,

  • @joekamprad Not sure what you mean exactly by output of pacman -Qs foomatic but running it in a termanal brings up this …
    local/foomatic-db-engine 4:4.0.12-7
    Foomatic - Foomatic’s database engine generates PPD files from the data in
    Foomatic’s XML database. It also contains scripts to directly generate print queues
    and handle jobs

  • @chrismac said in installing printer:

    ‘printer-make-and-model’: ‘Generic Text-Only Printer’,

    looks like you need to define hat the installed driver is used! it say that it is using Generic Text-Only Printer you need to configure this.

    pacman -Qs foomatic is showing what foomatic packages you have installed…

    but first you need to change the driver to the one you install from AUR before…you can do this over webinterface or printer backend:
    0_1514982680965_cups-change -printer.png


  • Hi all , have finally got printer to go , got the driver to install and it goes Yay.
    Thanks to all

  • @chrismac you are welcome!

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