• intalling gempak

    Hi has anyone had any success in installing gempak 7.4.1? The webpage (link: https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/downloads/gempak/index.jsp) states that various linux based systems eg ubunti, centos, gentoo etc but no mention of arch linux. there is a source code tarball but I have had no luck in installing it…any ideas? thanks

  • @philipmirabelli said in intalling gempak:


    no AUR PKGBUILD for this aviable :( and i would bet not that much users needs something like this ;)

    On the install from source instructions i can see it is build against python 2.7, we are on python 3 here … may you need to install python 2.7 first…

  • ok thanks, I will try compiling with downgrade of python!

  • no need to downgrade you can have them installed side by side… (as far as i know) you can run python 2.7 apps with prefixing it to the right one python2 /name/of/the/app

  • @joekamprad

    ok thanks I will try prefixing as you suggest, regards

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