• I made a game with Linux and Blender and it's free!

    I made a video game called Undead Fields using Linux and Blender. I exported the game for Linux and Windows but you can still use the original .blend file for your own purposes. You can download the game from here. I wanted to make a game that runs well, looks nice and is fun to play using my favorite operating system!

    In the game, you are in an abandoned shack surrounded by the undead. There are also huge mega robot zombies that you have to fight. There are 3 hidden guns throughout the map that you can find. You can slow down time with the right mouse button. The Tab Key switches weapons by the way.

    Please give me feedback about the game. Maybe ideas for performance, scenery, graphics, etc.

  • Wow! That is amazing @CadenMitchell :). How did you learn so much about Blender? I’ve heard it’s a monster to learn…

  • @Keegan said in I made a game with Linux and Blender and it's free!:

    I’ve heard it’s a monster to learn…

    Honestly, no! It’s been very easy to learn Blender to be honest! I tried Unity and Unreal Engine and neither were as simple and straightforward as Blender. For one thing, Blender is a great modeler which makes it easy to make assets for the game. I initially struggled with graphics but I later figured out how to make it look really good with the use of color ramps. The documentation and support for the program are very detailed and helpful too. I started off with only a few tutorials from Born CG and later used some of the more advanced tutorials by ThaTimst3r. I still struggle with keeping the game bug free and at times I had to remove huge updates to the game because my Intel i5, 8gb ram, HD 3000 graphics laptop can’t handle it. Overall it was fun to make the game and I’d personally recommend all beginner game designers to start off with Blender. You don’t even have to know how to code!!! Also, thank you for showing support towards my project! ;)

  • Wow! I may try out Blender myself then :). Thank you for that info.

    Also, thank you for showing support towards my project!

    Sure thing! It’s always a pleasure to support another developer. It’s kind of what Linux is all about, really. Collaboration and support.


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