• Antergos vs Linux Mint for stability?

    Currently have my Plex server up and running under Mint 18.3 and my daily desktop machine is running Antergos.

    I know a lot of people highlight the fact that rolling distros aren’t the best for rock solid stability and newbies MIGHT want to steer clear of them because of the potential to break something critical to the boot process when applying updates thus rendering your PC dead until you dig into the command line and fix it.

    I picked Mint over Debian and Ubuntu because it gave me the least problems during setup and everything did indeed ‘just work’ out of the box.

    But, I came across ONE small issue with Mint that required me to manually compile a program from source and install it because to address a problem I was having, I needed that newer version. This newer version was already up to date in the Antergos repos and the more I use Antergos, the more I like it. I’m very happy I picked it for my daily system but I can’t help but wonder if the grass is greener on the other side and MAYBE I should use Antergos in my Plex server as well.

    What say you, experts with Antergos. Stay with Mint for stability on my Plex server or throw the dice and switch?

    I mean, Mint isn’t giving me ANY problems so maybe stay with it on my server unless/until it gives me a reason to replace it?

    The only core packages I use are Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, NZBGet, MKVTool and Emby.

  • Depending on what your “Server” is providing to you, a server itself will run stable also with a rolling release distro, problems comes up mostly with graphical desktops and tinkering the system.
    Problem can be that you need some tools not aviable for Antergos/Archlinux … but AUR is big ;)

  • Why dont you use docker? Then you would not have to worry about these things…

    You can just follow my crash courses: https://anotherlinux.com

    I am running the same things in docker. All of them… My entire setup can be replicated in minutts, i can provide you with my .service files for systemd if you want. All you have to do is install docker and start the services.

  • @RoadHazard
    As a rule of thumb, don’t fix something that is not broke.
    Having said that, you may have a reason to switch, don’t know.

    But merely a “switch” is not the only option you have.

    You can install your Antergos based server into a virtual machine (first) and play with it to see if it works for you. And if so, later install it in place of the Mint server, if the virtual machine technology is not the best solution to you.

    Also, dual booting Antergos server with the Mint server is possible…

    Some of the packages you are using are from AUR, and others from the official packages.

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