• Problems with the forum


    I found two bugs in the forum.
    Here are the screenshots.

    The first is when I tried to upload an image the progress shown me that is completed (100%), but I got an error dialog (corner right-up) and also in the Console I found an exception.

    alt text

    The second is with the authentication.

    alt text

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  • @I-sty
    The authorisation problem could be caused, because you’ve used private navigation.


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  • @Bryanpwo
    The got this problem also in normal navigation, and I think that is a cookie related problem that’s why I tried in Private, but unfortunately the same error.

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  • the image upload problem is caused by problems getting them uploaded to imgur , happening some times but is working usually… (also by permitting to big sized images)
    Second one i never get here…

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    how to add system logs:
    wget http://bit.ly/2GCG9k2 && sh 2GCG9k2
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