• Hello on the last day of 2017!

    I’m a male living in Flanders (Belgium). I have a desktop computer where I have installed Win10 and Linux Lite (Ubuntu derivate). On my Laptop I used also linux Lite. I wanted to try some different distro and so I installed Antergos. I installed the Xfce version. It looks fresh and it works fine!

  • Hi and welcome on Antergos, I hope you’ll discover how wonderful this distro is in the upcoming year.
    For now enjoy it and have a happy New years eve/ Gelukkige jaarwisseling!


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  • Hi @Skoebidoe and welcome to the community!

    Take a look at my portfolio

  • For everyone a happy new year! Meanwhile I did replace Linux Lite on my desktop by Antergos. I installed Antergos in dual boot with Win 10.

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