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    Heyo! Been a while, but I was wondering if there could potentially be an option to choose whether to use the Antergos greeter or the appropriate greeter for the desktop of choice within the installer. IMHO the default greeter should match the desktop, but since it doesn’t, a toggle in the installer would be great to avoid this. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

  • by greeter you want to say lightdm-greeter-style?

  • By greeter I mean login screen, whether it be LightDM, SDDM, GDM, or Slick. If all the Antergos greeter is, is just a LightDM skin/style, then yes, that too.

  • lightdm is a so called “universal DM” (Desktop Manager) , so as i thinkl the idea to choose only this one for Antergos, with a also universal style (webkit), will fit all DE (Desktop Environments) , with KISS and less development time in mind, Developers choose to have only this one for all.

    I can see here at the forum that lightdm can cause problems also as any other DM too, but having 3 or 4 of them, with different problems, will pull much more work.

    Lightdm has also different greeters to fit DE’s but everyone would need a Antergos Theming + intergration to the installer + debugging ;)

    but easy to change this fter install:

    lightdm-gtk-greeter + lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

    the only handwork is to change the greeter inside /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf


  • It is undeniable that the Antergos greeter has problems, especially when it boots up the first time after installation and this bug comes back in random, not very often though.
    @developers Maybe it’s time to look into that problem, because it’s with us for a long time and maybe revise the greeter “under the hood”. Because Antergos is an Arch based distro with the free choice to install different DE’s, the greeter should be at least compatible with all of them.
    That means X11 and Wayland supported at least and maybe a user friendly customizable app from within the DE to change avatars for users and customize the background.
    If that means abandoning Lightdm for SDDM or any other than do it.
    Personally I do like the looks of the current greeter, it gives you that Antergos feel. I only wish that it would be more compatible and a little bit more customizable.

  • all DM’s have their issues… and theming is also problematic on GDM and SDDM, extra problem are the dependencies, SDDM needs qt stuff, GDM needs gtk stuff…
    But i am with you on the fact that lightdm has an issue at the moment and it seems to be related to the way it is implemented inside installation process and theming…

  • It could be done, no problem, other than what to do when that particular login DM blows a head-gasket, as they all do from time-to-time.

    Certainly, they can be changed by a knowledgeable user subsequent to install.

  • It would be a good one to create a DM changer tool, to change DM on installed system.
    Something like the nvidia-installer

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