• Just moved to antergos - samba setup sucks

    Just moved from ubuntu to antergos which is great on the laptop really can see the difference in performance for sure and just love the feel
    I installed on my main machine a hour ago and the samba install sucks !
    In the end i followed the online docs which are wrong! the install doesnt even create a smb.conf
    so i had to go of and get one of those and hack a way at this… its been a while
    is there any way we can just look at this as a install option so you get a working samba with gnome sharing options … i think its pretty important to get a quick box up and running

    what you think…


  • What samba install?

    I suggest you follow this:

  • Thankyou yes i just thought the online documentation would have got me running with gome file share but it hasnt ! Ive got a hand coded smb.conf and when i installed samba it didnt create a smb.conf i could configure which is just backwards!

  • Well, I see your point coming from Ubuntu.
    But this is arch, nothing gets done for you, thats kind of the point :)

  • Yes ive done it all before with gentoo - it be nice if they had option on the install like the other good options but when you tick it - if your installing gnome desktop it installs samba with a smb.conf ! And the gnome file sharing packages required …
    Think most people woukd like a file share out of the box and antergos can make this possible !
    Have to say i do like it a lot though 😎

  • we have a “tick” option on installation ;)

  • @joekamprad That’s old.

    In the old days we had that option so it installed necessary libraries to connect to samba servers. Now that is installed by default, so we removed that option (if I recall correctly, it just involves installing gvfs and gvfs-smb).

    To setup a samba server (that is, to be able to share your folders and files in the network) I’m afraid that one has to setup it by himself.


  • @karasu

    oh yes i can see now too… but the same as we do install it by default… and most users will be fine with client access to samba servers, setup a samba server is mostly not needed.

  • @joekamprad well i never! I never seen that ?!
    My bad ! Thats awesome 😎

  • @joekamprad said in Just moved to antergos - samba setup sucks:

    setup a samba server is mostly not needed.

    But you need it if you want to share folders… I think that is what @wayneward was complaining about…

  • All i thought was either during the install or when installed if thete was some way of you saying you want samba server for which desktop so say gnome for instance it installs samba … a blank smb.conf with the extra lines that gnome needs and gnome-file-share etc then just asks you to log out of session and back in if required and voila you can create a folder right click and select share! …
    Its pretty straight forward and if you can pick samba share for gnome or kde and just install the relevant packages so you dont get packages you dont need etc
    Thoughts …

  • Yes i do understand, but samba itself sucks hard! not only on linux, it sucks itself and is very unstable and unsecure…
    I would use sshfs or, if you prefere not encrypted use nfs …

    Access to shares on Linuix from Windows is working almost easy and kinda stable… but if you want to share files/folders from Linux with Windows, i would never come to the idea to use samba for it…

  • I look at it like nowadays i can do all you say but simplicity not just for me but most people …
    Here is a example
    I have a daily driver desktop i want to access email and web browser and play music … i then have a kodi box in the bedroom that wants to look at music folder … if i use smb it shows the music on the front end which is what i want… if i use upnp or other methods it doesnt then thats not what i want. I have me and my partner on my network thats it so how can this be insecure… i had this setup like this for over ten years experienced no bugs no problems…
    I really think im not just on my own a lot of people do the same and just want something easy that just works 🤗

  • @wayneward only my own experience, i do not speak for anybody else…

  • i was infected by see if i can get it working here… and following the archwiki do the job, i only comment out the home share;

    #============================ Share Definitions ==============================
    ;   comment = Home Directories
    ;   browseable = no
    ;   writable = yes

    adding this:

    #sambashare -- usershare
      usershare path = /var/lib/samba/usershare
      usershare max shares = 100
      usershare allow guests = yes
      usershare owner only = yes

    following this:


    enable needed services:

    systemctl enable smbd.service
    systemctl enable nmbd.service
    systemctl enable winbindd

    and reboot:


    0_1514993034542_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-01-03 16-21-11.png

  • yes thats not so far of following the antergos sharing-files-and-folders-with-samba-definitive-guide
    this will add the extra files needed into gnome so you can just right click on a folder then you dont have to add lines into the smb.conf!

  • Its ok if you follow the guide but must be better option during the install just for the server and libraries for the desktop you pick

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