• Error when building libva-git from AUR

    I changed the source to this:


    but I got these errors:

    error after changing the source:
    make[3]: *** [Makefile:505: libva_display_la-va_display_wayland.lo] Error 1
    make[3]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
    make[3]: Leaving directory '/tmp/yaourt-tmp-laichiaheng/aur-libva-git/src/libva-git/test/common'
    make[2]: *** [Makefile:413: all-recursive] Error 1
    make[2]: Leaving directory '/tmp/yaourt-tmp-laichiaheng/aur-libva-git/src/libva-git/test'
    make[1]: *** [Makefile:467: all-recursive] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/tmp/yaourt-tmp-laichiaheng/aur-libva-git/src/libva-git'
    make: *** [Makefile:399: all] Error 2
    ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
    ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build libva-git.
  • and what should do anyone on Antergos forum for you?
    As this is an error on a AUR package itself you first should take a look on the place of origin (places to be exact)



    As i can see you ask a question on AUR already ;)

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