• Yet another Linux game is here

    Just to keep you up to date: due to some issues reported on a Windows-powered machine, I had to make a small change to the game window scaling, and adjust the animation speed accordingly. I do hope those values will change never again. :)

  • Thanks for the update @piotr :) . And I completely understand. Sometimes to go two steps forward, one must first take a step back.

    Thank you!

  • @ssspacez said in Yet another Linux game is here:

    Suggestion: consider adding the game to https://itch.io too

    A little bit out of boredom, but I did what you had suggested. Thanks in advance if you click, bookmark - whatever. ;) https://nwg.itch.io/one-more-cheese Same applies to the Google Play listing, and of course AUR.

  • Nice! Bookmarked ;) .

  • Thank you so much for uploading it in so many places @piotr :) . If you are still bored, there’s always flatpaks! Those are available for any distro, due to the way they are packaged. With flatpaks, it would be a one-time stop for all of Linux. (And I think it would get you into Mint’s software center too - as they officially offer all flatpak packages). If you are interested, here’s some more info:


    Hope this helps stave off the boredom!

  • But please, feel no pressure whatsoever. It is only an idea, and if you do not feel like tackling it, I completely understand :) .

    Thank you!

  • @keegan said in Yet another Linux game is here:

    But please, feel no pressure whatsoever.

    It looks like a great idea. However, if it comes to “One more cheese”, and similar stuff at all, Linux seems to be even more niche platform than usually. E.g. today’s usage logs (since 4 am), which the game stores while starting: Android 167 launches, Windows 4, Linux 0.

  • Two weeks at the lakes and 3 days at in-laws: sorry for the delay, but finally One more cheese package is python 3.7 ready.

  • Yay!!!

    Thank you so much @piotr :) . Playing it now…

  • @keegan said in Yet another Linux game is here:

    Playing it now…

    So you must be in Russia. I only see Russian IPs in logs today. :D

  • It seems like Linux is really stepping up their game. I am hearing a lot of news about its upgrade and all.

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