• XPS 13 + Linux + DosBox - Help Please

    Hello Everyone,

    I know this might be a long-shot but figured I would ask in here. I have a Dell XPS 13 (with QHD+ screen) running Antergos and I’ve recently installed DosBox 0.74. I use DosBox to play a lot of old school games (Doom, Commander Keen, etc.). I have installed it in the past on several different Windows Versions and MacOS without any issues. However, under Antergos I am getting the following issue:

    It appears that sometimes I get a static sound coming from my speakers when playing most of my DOS games. Running DosBox in the terminal (command line), I get the following output:

    [[email protected] .dosbox]$ dosbox 
    DOSBox version 0.74
    Copyright 2002-2010 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL.
    CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /home/aahmad/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf
    MIXER:Got different values from SDL: freq 44100, blocksize 512
    ALSA:Can't subscribe to MIDI port (65:0) nor (17:0)
    MIDI:Opened device:none

    I am not sure if this explains why I am experiencing static in most of the games that I play, but wanted to include all the information. Does anyone have any ideas on how to ‘clean up’ my sound, and have all the games sounding perfectly during gameplay?

    Thanks in advance for everyone’s time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

  • Does wine not run these … seems to make more sense to use wine

    Have you tried wine …


  • Hey @wayneward,

    I believe Wine is only for Windows applications (MS Office, Visio, Windows Games, etc.). Wine as far as I know is not for actual old-school DOS games and applications (Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, etc.)

    Please let me know if I misunderstood anything or don’t have the correct information on Wine. Thanks again.


  • No if you look at the wine database all the dos games are in it! You will probably find you have no problems at all using wine - just pacman -S wine and then run your doom
    wine doom.exe

    Let me know how it performs !!


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