• I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?

    @lemler3 said in I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?:

    @Jeannie____ well if you are “fed up” with gtk DE’s, dont want to use KDE, or lxqt, or lxde (which you can install composters on to make it fully featured) and want a fully featured DE I do not think there is anything out there for you at least yet. maybe try out Deepin Desktop Environment before you call it quits and may i ask why exactly you hate GTK just for reasons I am starting to think this is a troll post/ maybe we can work to fix the issues you’re having with gtk

    GTK3 theming is a disaster, especially when you need to use dark themes. Using dark themes causes problems in a lot of appplications, you’ll end up with white text on white background in text boxes if you use something else than the only one (adwaita) theme that’s hardcoded in the toolkit, which renders these applications useless.
    Besides that, I really dislike the damned confusing client side decorations of GTK3, I want a proper menu at the top of my windows, not some burger buttons and other smartphone-like usability aiming at small sized displays, I can’t stand the f*cking cryptic dconf? gconf? ( dunno how it’s called nowadays, maybe it was renamed, again ) settings which buries things sometimes deep in it’s hierarchy.
    GTK3 simply is not usable outside Gnome3 anymore, as it’s closely tied to Gnome by the people who develop both ( and have a bad influence on other non Gnome3 DEs that way).
    GTK3 means: The GTK3 dev’s way or the highway. In case of GTK3, I chose the highway.
    And before someone accuses me of GTK3 trolling or bashing now: I just answered the question why I hate GTK3. This GTK3 hate is based on my own experiences made by using GTK DEs that evolved from GTK2 to GTK3 ( MATE) and by occasionally trying Gnome 3 from Version 3,0 on over years.

  • Honestly, I’m starting to think that this is a troll post…

  • @mattb66
    Think whatever you want, you’re free to do so.
    Seems you did not read my previous reply completely so I will quote something from it here especially for you:
    “And before someone accuses me of GTK3 trolling or bashing now: I just answered the question why I hate GTK3. This GTK3 hate is based on my own experiences made by using GTK DEs that evolved from GTK2 to GTK3 ( MATE) and by occasionally trying Gnome 3 from Version 3,0 on over years.”

  • @Jeannie____
    Well its just difficult to understand what you want?

    What do you mean with smartphone like DE?
    I don’t know of any Smartphone Like DE, besides maybe Unity but well… You don’t need to use it.

    Unfortunatly there are no Theming Issues as well with GTK3 nowadays with dark themes, I use Dark Themes all the time on Gnome 3 and have used on Mate as well as KDE.
    Deepin is also GTK Based and has an absolutly great theming.

    If you are not willing to find the source of your Desktop Freezing in KDE Desktop. They are quite helpful if you talk to them or raise a bug.
    If it is a bug from Plasma 5 which I am not so sure, since having used Plasma 5 since Beta Release with Nvidia Proprietary Drivers all the time and never have had a freeze like you describe. I have a Quadro K2000M.

    The existing DEs were developed with more than one human in mind.
    Every DE has advantages and disadvantages and that is good the way it is. There are a lot of options to tweak a desktop to personal preferences and tastes, of course it takes some work to sit down and look around the options, extensions whatsoever.
    Its also part of the fun to use Linux to take the time and switch desktops every now and then or just theming or tweaking one. And it is all about finding solutions, alternatives or just making compromises.

    Did you not have been presented with a lot of options now?
    If you really want a DE ‘made for you’ specifically, then you need to go on and develop this DE yourself.

  • @Jeannie____ said in I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?:

    …some burger buttons…

    Burger buttons are like the Borg…resisting them is futile. Many brave souls have died along the way. f.

  • If you like dark themes I know a great one for GTK that I’ve never had problems with. It’s called EvoPop. The only other DE’s I know of are Unity 7 and Unity 8 which are both gtk. The latter isn’t under development by Canonical anymore and has a tablet-like interface. If you really, absolutely need a QT-based DE with tons of pointless features and isn’t KDE Plasma, LXQT, Budgie, etc. then you may end up needing to build your own DE. That’s the only other option that I have. I really do suggest that you try Deepin though because even though it may seem like a tablet UI you can still set it up to be very much like a desktop. It has very good compatibility with themes, runs well, is very beautiful, is customizable, and does some things that no other DE has done before. I run this DE on a potato laptop with integrated Intel graphics with the window blurriness and transparency effects and it still runs fast. I know that it’s GTK (although I’ve heard on Wikipedia that its QT) but maybe give it a try first.
    Edit: I have also never had problems with the theming on Deepin ever. Even running it on a broken install of Lubuntu once it still ran perfectly fine. Without breaking the themes.

  • im not sure about all these GTK issues you are always having? i use dark themes all the time and they all look great.

    if none of the desktops on linux will work you might be right and have to go back to windows.

    gotta use what works best for you and it sounds like linux doesnt offer anything that does.

  • Linux works well, it’s just the graphical user interfaces that somehow don’t work for me.
    Regarding “Tablet” interfaces: I consider the Gnome Shell, Deepin, Pantheon and Unity to be made for touch enabled devices and single application usage. I don’t have a tablet/phablet, I don’t use smearscreens, so I don’t use user interfaces made for them.
    Regarding GTK3 and dark themes: I ran into Issues with white text on white background with different browsers, libre office and gimp. All were rendered completely useless by this issue.

  • @Jeannie____ said in I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?:

    Regarding GTK3 and dark themes: I ran into Issues with white text on white background with different browser

    That really happens depending on the theme. Some themes make the scrool bar be virtually invisible.

    After all these posts, i’m not sure if you’ll find an alternative.

    So let me restart simpler: Is there any desktop that you like, or tolerate some things you don’t like, beyond plasma?
    Or also, since you said you didn’t want to use the old KDE4 is there a “static version” of plasma (or perhaps a minimum version of it)?

  • @fernandomaroto
    I liked MATE, abandoned it when they went fully GTK3.
    I like Plasma5 too, but as it crashes from time to time, it has become unreliable.
    I tried all other available DEs, found nothing that i like for various reasons.
    To all the people who seem to try to beat me to Deepin: Gave it a try for , uhm, not sure how long, as that frecking thing doesn’t even have a constantly visible clock on the desktop, and I have to say: I officially hate it .

  • @Jeannie____ said in I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?:

    So I am insatiable just because I just want a stable usable feature complete desktop environment that neither freezes a couple of times a day nor shows theming issues that render some applications useless?
    Interresting definition of insatiable.

    No, I have seen you make similar posts nearly word-for-word about DEs and Audio Players here and in the Manjaro Forums year after year. You can’t beat facts, Jeannie. :D

    However, your posts do tend to bring out the nitty-gritty about each, so I wouldn’t miss 'em for the world! Lots of info to be found here! LOL!

  • @Jeannie____

    Now I understand the struggle with Qt x GTK, if one doesn’t like KDE there’s no other option. I use GNOME so I’m fine with it but I tried a few things:

    I’ve tried LXQt a few hours ago… it’s unusable, I don’t recommend installing it. It’s filled with bugs, I had to remove it, it’s something to test again maybe 2 years from now or more time.

    Then… I tried Lumina, it’s not on repository, so Pamac > AUR > Lumina, it started compiling. I have no idea what is inside Lumina but it was taking too long to compile and using too much system resources.
    The logo of Lumina is a flame and now I understand why. I had to cancel the compiling because my computer was heating so much I was afraid something would literally caught on fire. If I let it compile a few more minutes I could have boiled some water and made some coffee with it. Or fried and egg on top of my laptop.

    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1:        +90.0°C  (crit = +101.0°C)
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Package id 0:  +89.0°C  (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
    Core 0:        +85.0°C  (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
    Core 1:        +89.0°C  (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)

    So if one doesn’t like KDE and GTK there’s pretty much no option at all available. Good luck.

  • You seem like just the sort of person who should build their own DE @Jeannie____ 😀. You certainly have the drive for it and feel the need of another one to be out there, so why not at least give it a try? Just fork your beloved Plasma or something and start modifying it. Who knows? You could create something that fills a certain niche in the Linux world.

  • @Keegan
    I can’t code, so that’s not gonna happen.
    I find it interresting that you’re saying that a fully featured working non gtk3 DE would fill a niche in the linux world though…

  • @Jeannie____ said in I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?:

    I can’t code, so that’s not gonna happen

    You could always learn…

    That’s what I did to create my own distro, Reborn OS. I didn’t know the first thing about coding five months ago, but by now have taught myself at least how to modify already created python and to create my own bash programs. Right now, I’m even teaching myself Python over at www.codeacademy.com for free :). If you feel this passionately about your problem, why not take the time to do something about it? You can teach yourself to code in a month through the website I am using - for free.

    Hope this helps!

  • @Keegan
    I’m having a job in which I work 60+ hours/week so there’s hardly any time to learn how to code.

  • OK. I understand then :).


  • People, use your time more productively. We could have built a distro by now…
    I’m out.

    @Jeannie____ Stay possitive!

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