• I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?

    Antergos KDE is working for me perfectly, i use the latest nvidia drivers without any problem, i use an older gtx card though.i always see a lot of KDE haters in a lot of forums and i’m wondering why??maybe out of the box it feels a little bit slow, but it’s a matter of changing the animation to instant in the compositor and if you do so, KDE becomes snappy and fast.
    Regarding, KDE RAM usage, it uses only 100 Mo more than XFCE.
    KDE, is the best desktop environment, hands down, don’t get me wrong, it has some glitches, but it’s the most configurable, most gorgeous DE out there.
    Personally, i never liked Gnome, because out of the box is missing a lot of features and you have to install a tons of extentions make it usable.
    -XFCE is old ( the latest version was released in 2015), are you kidding me???
    -LXQT and company are missing a lot of features and they are still in beta.
    the best choice is KDE PLASMA.

  • Lot stuf is Subjective thats a fact :) And with KDE & Gnome depends how its configured, full featured kde uses a lot of ram. i feel atleast te difference about respons. if you use stadard KDE and all the tingle and wisle, you have more , Gnome also, even gnome is modern but GDM aproach is old & crap. Even they cut in functionality and things to write all in extentions while extentions is fast in breakage of not proper maintained.

    is different aproach Xfce is not old is just they use there own aproach ☮

  • Next Gnome “improvement”, remove desktop support

  • @jeannie____ I used to like GNOME, but they force some things like you have to use tracker and evolution that eat a lot of RAM and you can’t disable them, everything was thought with a integration idea with all of their apps, and GDM(display manager) doesn’t go well with others desktop environments, and now this weird idea of removing the desktop icons by default. This will kill productivity for a lot of people. I think it has something to do with that touch interface, that makes more sense for tablets or 2 in 1 laptops with touch screens but for mouse/keyboard it’s a bit weird sometimes.

  • @jeannie____ agree, first i liked gnome2, then i switched to kde4, but it just FELT like heavy, switched to xfce, and now i still trying to decide between staying with xfce or switching to plasma5.
    i like them both.
    gnome is a pile of hot steaming horse shit

  • KDE lacks focus. Take a look on this list of dozens of the “Kthings” they develop:


    I didn’t count but I bet that are like a 100 items or more on this list. And this is not enough for them because now they want mobile too, they are creating a KDE for mobile.

    Probably in the future they will create their own kernel too something like k-kernel, because why not? And they will not stop there, it’s going to be Keverything as the time goes by, can you imagine the huge amount of human resources to maintain, update and fix all these things? It’s the opposite of that philosophy of “do one thing and do it well”, they are doing EVERYTHING at the same time, I’m not sure if this is going to work.

  • I’ve exported to a spreadsheet to count and It’s way more than 100, it’s 733, almost 700 packages, that’s a lot of packages/products to maintain.


    GNOME has a giant list of packages too:

  • @jeannie____ Now that I think about it I do somewhat hate Gnome. I mean, it’s nice to have extensions and good GTK support and good customization options, but I have had gnome break on me so many times! A few times it was because the launcher would be frozen. The first app to be started would stay there permanently and then after suspending and unlocking my device it would actually update the running applications. This isn’t just Antergos, it was also Zorin OS, Ubuntu, Gnome Ubuntu, and Manjaro. Themes also aren’t very consistent between different versions of Gnome. For instance, Zorin uses an older version of GTK and some themes just look awful on it, but a slightly newer version of GTK on Antergos looks good but not older GTK themes. It was also not a pleasant surprise when I noticed that after a new update they had removed legacy tray icons (you know, that handy little slider at the bottom left.) I used that thing all the time for Skype, OBS, and Discord. I had to install another extension in order to access my tray icons which really p*ssed me off! Also, is it just me or does everyone elses icons look really bad? Seriously, Gnome uses their own icons names for their .desktop icons which make tons of apps use the Gnome theme for their icon instead of the selected icon theme.

    As far as KDE goes I honestly don’t have much of a problem with it. I mean, it uses a little more ram than Gnome or XFCE but honestly what difference does a couple hundred MB of ram really do? I guess that if you have 1GB of ram or less it would be a problem but back when I was still running Manjaro KDE (those were the good days! lol!) I only had 4GB of ram and KDE did just fine. I even had wobbly windows, blurriness, and all sorts of compositing effects. It was fine. I could even run most Steam games at medium settings and keep in mind I have a Lenovo laptop that they don’t even sell anymore! I upgraded to 8GB of ram and I honestly noticed no difference. I mean sure I could run games at medium-high to high graphics settings but it was still no problem for me. Now, I haven’t used the latest KDE Plasma 5 and I have never used it on Nvidia graphics cards either. I have no issues with it other than a lack of themes to choose from. Every part of it was customizable so when my Windows Vista style, shiny icons with a shiny cursor with weird rounded corners on window borders theme got too old for me I could switch it to look like a flat, plain, lifeless modern-looking desktop like Windows 10. I could make it look like a Mac, Windows, Gnome, Unity, basically anything that I wanted. My problem with it was it would have slowdowns but that might have been because I was triple-booting and my partition was almost full! I also was very new to Linux and I would constantly change permissions and ownership of root files instead of just running the file manager as root.

    The reason for why I love Deepin so much, and why I’ve been actually enjoying using it so much, is because it’s customization level is just right. It allows users to change the GTK, Icon, and cursor theme without installing any other applications. It does things that to my knowledge no other DE has done before. It doesn’t just have a settings app, it integrates it as a side-panel which is incredibly simple and easy-to-use and fits in with the theming perfectly. The built-in apps, while not matching the system GTK theme, are nice because you don’t have to worry about their theme breaking from using an incompatible theme like Nautilus has such a problem with. They will always look the same and they will never break. It is rather lightweight and it has some of the best window effects that I have ever seen. It has blurriness on everything that’s transparent which looks nice and it has multiple modes for the dock. Also, for the first time I don’t have to worry about my touchpad working wrong because Deepin doesn’t use Synaptics or libinput, it uses its own drivers which work way better. I guess that it’s annoying to have to put up with poor translations here and there, but it isn’t too much of a problem. You should still get the basic idea of what something means. If it is such a problem then you can use third-party apps that do have correct language.

    These are just my oppinions of my favorite desktop environments. I mean, they all have downsides, Gnome - buggyness, constant feature removal, KDE - Nvidia problems and more RAM usage, Deepin - Wine apps don’t show up in the menu and you need to do some tweaking to get it working. I know that this is probably useless to you @Jeannie____ since you already have strong feelings against all of the above, but it may help others.

  • At gnome is not the GTK support. its the theme’s you use, cause of gnome moves fast, each 6 month or whatever your theme could be outdated it counts also with extention… there are a few themes that is proper maintained. rest are from ubuntu side or whatever. it keeps behind there are enough people that likes to toy with themes to create there own one. but sometimes those themes become death.

    Thats the main issue with gnome on parts it goes fast forward. There comes the most bugs from also. Gnome its self is not buggy is just mostly the extentions or themes messed up.

    Also gnome thent to put all in sort code they can attract more coders. but someway gnome takes to the wrong path also, GDM is just a dinosaur, first you had a gui to change GDM stuf now thats gone, option for icons on desktop they remove is morely likely sort a Tablet desktop to become.

  • You described Deepin perfectly @CadenMitchell!! At least in my opinion. It really is such a pleasure to use. To me, it seems sort of like what Gnome could have been. Beautiful, stable, and non-glitchy.

  • Had another look at deepin. The fact that the deepin apps are mostly not themeable and show in a hardcoded bright white is a showstopper . The ones that allow a dark theme to be enabled in the app show different colors for font/background. Having deepin apps open that all look differently is far from beautiful. This has been reported to the deepin devs 10 months ago and nothing has changed yet and makes me wonder about the general willingness/capability of the deepin devs to fix issues.
    Deepin theming issue

  • @jeannie____ said in I am desperate, which DE is "made for me"?:

    This has been reported to the deepin devs 10 months ago and nothing has changed yet and makes me wonder about the general willingness/capability of the deepin devs to fix issues.

    I kow this may not come as a welcome surprise to you @Jeannie____, but this aspect of the light-only theme has actually already been addressed by the developers. Due to a long list of requests and more important things to fix/improve, they will not be creating a dark theme for the file manager at this moment. Perhaps later, but not right now. Of course you can always use a different file manager, including your favorite: Nemo (From KDE). If you do not like the default Deepin File Manager, you can change it with just a few clicks in the Control Center😄. Like KDE, Deepin lets you be in charge.

  • Most deepin matrial are forked from gnome :)

  • @keegan
    If it only wouldn’t offer a tablet UX.

  • Deepin fits my needs, fast on my old pc, love some utils from Deepin but you can install everything in here as well, it’s well designed, looks pretty, just put a nice desktop background and runs very well.
    If I ever get into trouble or find it slow, LXDE is the best, as it runs like butter on my 16 year old Toshiba, with 1gb of ram.

  • This leads nowehere, we’re running in circles, we were already at the “I do not like deepin, regardless how much others “love” it, it doesn’t work for me and I don’t care how beautiful you find it” point some time ago.
    Could an admin or mod please close this thread?

  • @jeannie____ Maybe you can just install an older Plasma version and just disable its updates. If it used to work well and you already were a fan of Plasma, why switch?

  • @Jeannie____ yes i do close this for you ☠


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