• Fresh install with KDE keeps freezing

    I’ve had several crashes and freezes of KDE Plasma 5 recently. However, I haven’t installed the latest xorg updates, which were published earlier today. What could be causing this?

  • @Shadowdodger
    Hi friend!
    I don’t use KDE but maybe you should update the system, it may solve the errorrs you’re facing (don’t forget to reboot).

  • @Shadowdodger
    i only found 2 failed proccess in your xorg.log seems related with graphic card.

    Are you using any? Also, did you use nomodeset or blacklist in your boot parameters?

  • @fernandomaroto
    I haven’t changed any drivers, as it is known that proprietary GPU drivers can cause crashes. If those parameters are enabled by default, that may have caused all of it. I didn’t change them myself.

  • not sure if this will help but i have been having issues with kde freezing as well…most of the time i was unable to use my mouse or keyboard and had to do a hard reset…i came across a post with a similar problem and he was able to fix it by disabling the C-states in bios…i tried it and have not had a freezing issue since…might be worth a shot…good luck

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