• Deepin - 144hz monitor, system load as 60hz everytime.

    Hello i have 144hz monitor , there i cant find any deepin settings for monitor hz but installed lxrandr for setup my monitor.

    Lxandr added own startup desktop launcher to ./config/autostart folder.
    But system still load as 60hz when i login.

    i also tried make a script

    xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 144.00 

    and load it with autostart but didnt work.

    How i can start my system with 144hz instead of 60 ?

  • If you run xrandr -r 144 in the terminal, does it make the appropriate changes? ( I’m trying to determine if it’s an issue with autostart or with xrandr failing to output. )

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