• computer won't update

    i can’t update my computer anymore, when i try to update it always says failed even if i restart my computer multiple times. someone know why i cant update ? alt text

  • pamac is unable to satisfy dependency ;)

  • yaourt -R antergos-kde-setup
    yaourt -Syua

    yaourt -S antergos-kde-setup

  • You can’t upgrade because your Plasma is installed by the antergos-kde-setup meta package. These are old style Antergos Kde-only installations. Both kdenetwork-kopete and kdeutils-sweeper depend on antergos-kde-setup.

    All antergos-kde-setup builds recently fail on ABS. The last failed attempt was on 2017-12-17.

    Starting from 2017.12 each DE is installed by one meta package. It is called antergos-[DE-name]-meta. These are new style Antergos installations. Examples of new meta packages are:

    • antergos-kde-meta
    • antergos-cinnamon-meta
    • antergos-mate-meta
    • antergos-gnome-meta

    All new style antergos-[DE-name]-meta packages are OK right now, so all DEs, installed by them, don’t present any problem.

  • @just , thanks for the info, I was unaware of these changes. Some more info, though. For the older installations, if someone wants to re-install antergos-kde-setup will it cause any mess (re-install kdenetwork-kopete & kdeutils-sweeper )?

  • @anarch said in computer won't update:

    …For the older installations, if someone wants to re-install antergos-kde-setup will it cause any mess (re-install kdenetwork-kopete & kdeutils-sweeper )?

    Without a successful, definitive antergos-kde-setup build it’s a bit premature to speak about it.

    Right now, with the current antergos-kde-setup, the inconvenience may be workarounded in two different - both very dirty - ways:

    • either by removing antergos-kde-setup
    • or by removing kdenetwork-kopete and kdeutils-sweeper

    If antergos-kde-setup is removed and will not be re-installed later, the problem won’t arise at all. I always said, that using one meta package to setup a whole DE was and remains a step in a wrong direction.

    If antergos-kde-setup is removed but will re-installed lately, then yes, it will try to (re)-install kdenetwork-kopete and kdeutils-sweeper. It will probably confuse pacman, because two packages don’t exist anymore.

    If antergos-kde-setup is preserved, and only kdenetwork-kopete and kdeutils-sweeper are removed - by breaking dependencies, - then pacman will not try to re-install them, during successive upgrades. All further upgrades with pacman will run very smoothly.

    If kdenetwork-kopete and kdeutils-sweeper are removed and upgrades are done with yaourt, then it will return two error messages (I think, both are dummy) about missing kdenetwork-kopete and kdeutils-sweeper dependencies for antergos-kde-setup, but yaourt will not try to re-install them.

    Conclusion. Neither pacman nor yaourt will re-install removed kdenetwork-kopete and kdeutils-sweeper. Pacman doesn’t return any error or warning at all and is smooth as silk. Yaourt returns two - probably, dummy - error messages.

    As you know, I don’t use any graphical frontends for pacman, so can’t say how pamac, octopi and similar behave in this situation.

  • @just , detailed as always! :)

  • i havnt used my computer in like a few months,then i come back to it and couldnt even update it . but i havnt a clue what im reading here ,it seems way too complicated, i messed everything up , so ill find the more stable linux that updates real good

  • @cookiedemon said in computer won't update:

    That was the answer to your question:

    …someone know why i cant update ?

    The upgrade itself is simple:

    sudo pacman -Rdd antergos-kde-setup && sudo pacman -Syyu

    or, as suggested in the third post,

    yaourt -R antergos-kde-setup && yaourt -Syua

    Good luck with other distros.

  • @cookiedemon said:

    i havnt used my computer in like a few months

    Error, at the most 4 weeks you can stop updating

    find the more stable linux that updates real good

    If you find it, let us know …
    Please, three moderators have answered you in kind, very well intensified, detailed, and you go out with anything aggressive and totally out of context.
    Patience and good manners are necessary to solve problems; try and you will see the results.

  • but i havnt used my antergos installation for some months since september,unless september was 4 weeks ago. only now it wasnt going so good for me,when i turned on my computer i got a message that says error parsing subspaces from pcct and it says a start job is running for devdisk , it stays like that for 3 minutes to even boot the thing even on an ssd. that made me mad, and the nvidia drivers were too slow ,its not even worth having installed in linux actually its just a gimmick, some games and emulators ran choppy with bad framerate in linux, but the same things run really good in windows,and I dont know why that is.

  • @cookiedemon

    If you don’t use the system very often, or if you can’t update at least once a month you shouldn’t use rolling release distros like Antergos, Arch, Manjaro etc.

    If you want a distro that doens’t require too many updates check CentOS (but their repo is small) or Debian (if you have time to configure it after install). Also check Debian based like Sparkylinux (sort of Debian ready to go) or Buntu’s family and linux Mint.

    About graphic card is more related with the lack of interest from their developers itself, or even game companies that don’t release stuff for linux.

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