• Hello everyone

    Antergos user for 6 months and loving it. Used to be a Kubuntu diehard but have not been impressed with the last couple of releases. Still follow the Kubuntu forum and found a lot of members have switched, or using Neon, as their main DE. Have tinkered with Antergos KDE for about 12 months, tried Arch and Manjaro as well, and settled on Antergos and haven’t looked back. This is something i can wholly recommend to my win user friends without any hesitation. Congratulations to the developers!!

  • @GerardVortex
    Hello and welcome among Antergos enthusiasts! :)
    This is a good choice you made. I also used to be somewhat disappointed to many other distros, but Arch family distros have been the best of them all for me. And especially Antergos, since it is in my mind so “logical” and up to date, and the community is extremely helpful.
    What more could you hope? ;)

  • Welcome @GerardVortex :).

    I’m so glad you were able to find something that works for you! (That can often be the hardest part it seems). I hope you continue to enjoy Antergos, as it is a really exceptional system.

    Thank you for posting here and letting us all know what you think!

    Hope to see you around,

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