• This not a bootable disk usb

    Im trying to make a dual boot Windows 10. When I boot a USB disk with Windows 10 install grub give me this error message. ”This not a bootable disk usb” I made the install disk with WinUSB.

  • @anternoob
    Try creating the USB disk with e.g. Rufus (use DD mode) or Etcher.

  • Have a look at the information Wiki of Antergos about how to create a workable Life USB.

    The page mentions the Suse Image writer, which you can still download. But the Windows version is not longer maintained.

    From the Opens Suse page:
    <We used to have SUSE Studio ImageWriter compiled for windows, but this is not maintained anymore. Feel free to fork it and build/maintain the windows version yourself. >

  • To create thr usb installer under windows use etcher, this simple works without any huzzle…
    Also teh wiki do not recomment suse-image-writer to use under windows, for windows it says:
    Create Live USB From Windows
    USBWriter, Rufus, and Etcher are free USB image writers that support .iso files (which Antergos uses) with ease.

  • I always used rufus, it works.

    Now i’m using easy2boot http://www.easy2boot.com/download/
    After USB is ready you can simply add or remove linux or windows isos from the USB without any further job.

    The tool is ugly i admit, but works so nice. Also their site it’s said that you can simple rename the installer from .exe to .rar and then use it under linux too, but i have never tested. http://www.easy2boot.com/make-an-easy2boot-usb-drive/make-using-linux/

  • The definitive guide for creating the USB installer on Windows:
    Unfortunately it is missing Etcher.

    In Linux systems, the best is dd. But using dd is possible even on Windows, as the link shows.

  • Thanks everyone! I found a macOS dd application that work very well!

  • You made a install disk with WinUSB ? why not use the Refus or Imgburn ? at least ,the bootable USB made with them works on my Windows 10 computer.

  • issue solved, already

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