• Installing fonts in bulk

    I never had to worry about fonts when on windows, but since migrating I am having issues viewing korean and chinese characters. Instead of downloading individual packages is there a way to just downloading a unicode font, or a compilation of fonts?

  • @elisoci said in Installing fonts in bulk:

    Instead of downloading individual packages is there a way…

    If you already have an existing collection of various fonts you like, simply copy the whole compilation by hand into the /usr/share/fonts folder. This will immediately make all new fonts available system-wide. Fonts may be contained in their own folders, subfolders, etc., it doesn’t matter.

    New fonts will be initially badly rendered. To improve the rendering of newly added fonts:

    • run fc-cache -fv command
    • restart Xorg or Wayland session (logout-login)
  • @elisoci I think I wasn’t clear. What I meant was if there was a collection of fonts for world languages

  • @elisoci
    Sorry but I’m currently out of reach of my Antergos. But if you still have your Windows install, it is possible to copy fonts from it to Antergos, to the place where @just just explained.

  • @manuel that sounds nice, I’ll try that

    Wouldn’t it be the same as downloading Windows 10 fonts ?

  • @elisoci
    I guess so, if can you find them, for example, on the Microsoft web pages.
    And if you do, would you please be kind enough to add a link here? :)

    EDIT: If there are problems finding suitable fonts, it is possible to download a Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft and install it, for example, as a virtual machine. The fonts are in C:\Windows\Fonts.

  • @manuel I got the folder, but cant copy to root folder. :(

  • Only root can do this, change proceeding user by using sudo:

    sudo cp -r /dir/to/folder/ /usr/share/fonts/
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