• Discord icon bug?


    I installed Discord using a key I found on the forums. So far all is good, but the icon won’t change from the default one, no matter what icon theme i choose. I know say papirus and numix have an icon for this discord.

    This made me think I have a case in order to learn something new, so my question is:

    1. Why won’t Tweak change the Discord icon? Is there something in the file structure here? A bug that prevents Tweaks to change this particular icon?

    0_1513903960137_Screenshot from 2017-12-21 18-16-58.png

    1. Is there a way I eventually can fix this? I googled, and found something called gnome shell and a looking glass (lg) command. How does this work?

    2. I really need a crash course in Linux file hierarchy, any suggestions?

  • @aiphoenix said in Discord icon bug?:

    I installed Discord using a key I found on the forums.

    As this is not clear on where you install it from we cean not help with more information…
    icons are under /usr/share/icons but may icons will be selected by the “starter” of a programm aka discord.desktop file… the one you install is doing this…

  • /opt/discord/discord.png is what it is using here… so not following the opendesktop standards…

    so yoou can do use the /usr/share/icons/Numix-Circle/48/apps/discord.svg as /opt/discord/discord.png by symlinking
    sudo rm /opt/discord/discord.png sudo ln -s /usr/share/icons/Numix-Circle/48/apps/discord.svg /opt/discord/discord.png or open /usr/share/icons/Numix-Circle/48/apps/discord.svg and save it as /opt/discord/discord.png…

  • Thank you so much @joekamprad , you rock as always. Tbh my question was also related to my poor navigate-in-linux skills, but I’ve been using this now and that helped a ton!


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