Antergos is awesome. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into this distro.

As I am using zfs, kernel updates are always a bit more involved as it doesn’t seem to be working well with the case of dkms and zfs and recent kernel releases. ZFS will always be compiled prior to spl (actually, I think a release or few near the end of the 4.13 run got it right) which then causes zfs modules to fail compiling is this a simple change/oversight that can be fixed?

The case is the same – current linux, or linux-zen will not compile spl before zfs and have to be handled manually after the update process to avoid issues on next boot. Incidently, fresh install of linux-lqx built the modules in the correct order but the update today experienced the same zfs before spl issue.

Just wondering how we go from not working to working and back to not working again…