• Ordered a Dell XPS for exclusive Antergos/Arch install

    More specific, this little guy: http://dell.to/2BTZ8ry

    I have a question: This laptop unfortunately have a KIller WiFi card, instead of the Intel ones. I’ve read that this will be okay, but I’m going wired when I install just to be sure. Will this adapter do the job, or will I run into issues, you reckon? http://bit.ly/2z67vep

    Thanks a lot!

  • First of all: Congratulations with the purchase of this beautiful laptop! I don’t think the Belkin adapter will cause issues, but I know from a friend of mine, that the Killer WiFi card really isn’t a problem with Linux. So why not try that first before you spend your money on something you will most likely not use very often?
    It wll be more wise, if the Killer card dissapoints, to replace it with a Intel one. A Dell laptop part is easy to replace, like in Thinkpads.

  • Why, thank you! I’m looking forward to getting it. Good advice, altho I’m going to buy the adapter anyways. Don’t ask me why, but I have a thing for wired internet when I’m at my desktop.

    Will keep you updated!

  • I have an XPS 13 from late 2016. Wifi has not been a problem on Antergos or any other linux distribution I have tried for that matter.

  • I also have a Dell XPS 13 laptop running Antergos (and Win10 dual-boot):

    I ended up swapping out to an Intel wifi card using the guide below:

    I didn’t actually have any issues with the wifi card, but just bought the Intel card early last year when the Killer still was not 100% supported on Linux.

    Enjoy your new laptop and good luck with your Antergos installation! =)


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