• Adding an option to the boot line results in "Invalid Parameter"

    Hello. I’m trying to install Antergos following the “Bumblebee for NVIDIA Optimus” guide. When I add “modprobe.blacklist=nouveau” to the boot line of the default LiveMedia boot menu option I get “Unable to add image options measurement: Invalid Parameter”. Same for “nouveau.modeset=0”. Is there any solution?

  • I’ve never encountered smth similar before. A quick DuckDuckGo-ing returns a zillion fresh posts about this problem. Seems like it has no relation to a specific parameter (like those for Bmb), and may happen with various parameters and for various reasons. Looks like it is related somehow to systemd and UEFI.

    Try to boot, adding any other correct or incorrect parameter. For exiample, adding vga=normal, or this.is=wrong.parm, or rw, any string of chars.

    Does the problem arise?


    Another check to do is to boot from the same media and with Bmb parameter on another laptop, whether or not it is equipped with nVidia card.

    Does the problem arise on another laptop?

  • @just I did try booting with other parameters, like the ones you mentioned, but the results persist.
    Unfortunately, I don`t have another laptop at the moment to try your suggestion.

    As you said, this problem is related to systemd, UEFI and also TPM. It seems that systemd already has a patch to fix this, although it`s not yet in any release.
    To get around the problem, I simply disabled the TPM in my laptop’s BIOS, so I can add parameters without further problems.

    Lastly, thanks for your reply.

  • @Yuu That’s fine. You did a good thing, exactly reproducing the text of the error message. It made the search for it easier.

    Can the topic be marked as [Solved}?

  • @just Yes, it’s fine for me.

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