• Install windows 7 after antergos

    Hi everyone,

    I installed Antergos some months ago, using all my SSD space, but now I need to install W7 also to develop .net apps.

    I tried with an VM but is to slow even in my i5 6th generation 8gb ddr4 500gb SSD.

    So which steps must I follow to achieve it?
    I supose first thing is resize hd to empty space for W7 and then how to install W7 to no have problems the boot loader.

  • @fgcaipe
    First, take a backup (to an external disk!) of everything that is important to you! Note that operating systems can easily be installed, but your personal data can’t be restored without a backup. This is the most important step!

    Second, make sure you have an Antergos USB installer stick, you’ll need it later.

    The rest is up to whether your system is using UEFI boot or BIOS/Legacy boot. So which is it? You can find it out with command

    ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars

    If that shows an error about missing files/directories, then it is not UEFI.

    Note that you may need to update your BIOS/Firmware if there are strange problems with the installation.

    And could you show the output of

    lsblk -f
  • Or one simple possibility is to install everything, first Windows, then Antergos.
    And after Windows install, resize Windows disk (in Windows) for Antergos.
    But anyway you probably need to do backup first… :)

  • @manuel said in Install windows 7 after antergos:

    first Windows, then Antergos.

    Very appropriate what @manuel says, first always always first install Windows and then Linux !!!

  • The point is that I dind’t want to unistall antergos… just install W7 now. The point is, any way to do it without removing antergos and install everything again??? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    after the installation of windows 7 the linux bootloader is definitely gone.

    I think it should be possible with the antergso usb stick to reinstall grub. Boot into the live system and go to the installation with chroot /mnt and reinstall grub.

    Second way, I think this is easier. You could reinstall antergos without formatting the home partition. With this way you have to reconfigure your hole system but your data will be there.

  • @fgcaipe Hi friend!
    not sure about win 7 but new windows systems are usualy smarter and less destructive concerning linux OS.
    Anyway you should back up your files before you try anything else.

    The advices we could give depend a lot according to the way you installed your system:
    Do you have /home and /root partitions separate?
    Did you install too many packages?

    You can shrink your partition, and then install windows, then you’ll need to boot antergos livecd at least to reinstall grub (windows wil destroy it for sure). I really think windows won’t destroy the rest of your partitions, but as said before make a backup first.

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