• Cant to a VPN, every thing is grey.

    I try to import a VPN.
    when I do that I cant edit anything.

    when I try to make a new OpenVPN every field is grey and I cant edit.
    The gateway field has a red frame around, still I cant write anything.

    Is some packages missing?

  • some more info about your DE and so on would be helpfull for helping you ;)

  • Mayebe a stupid question but what is DE?

    About my problem…
    Just installed a update for network manager and now it works.
    So Antergos solve the problem for me :D

  • @daniel-0


    If you want a more detailed network manager launch a terminal and type;


    Do not log in as su

  • @daniel-0 I had this Problem before, after a period of doing all my updates, at some point it went away. I am using Gnome. So if possible make sure you are updated.

  • @HawkTheSlayer @DarkMavrik problem was already solved before…

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