• Monitor goes crazy during reboot/shutdown/logout

    Just using the regular KDE shutdown/reboot/logout buttons, while it’s counting down my monitor goes crazy. Almost looks like the GPU is dying, with constant flickering of random colors, and glitching desktop icons stretching and jumping around. Note: The actual username, ok/cancel buttons are unaffected, and it’s only happening in the background.

    The thing is, this only happens during shutdown/reboot/logout, and literally at no other time. I can play games, use the computer normally, all with zero graphical bugs, but KDE’s shutdown/reboot/logout causes it to go nuts. I have multiple monitors, and the glitching is produced on all monitors, so it’s not limited to one.

    This never used to happen, but I recall it starting maybe a month or two ago after I removed some packages labeled “orphan”.

    lightdm 1:1.24.0-2
    plasma-desktop 5.11.4-2

  • So it seems a recent (as of 1/18/18) update to KDE has resolved this issue on its own. Now I have the normal black screen with the cancel shutdown buttons and whatnot.

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