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    When i position my Computer and Personal Map and Trash icon after reboot the are on a other place where i put them anyone have a idea how i can fix this please ?

    See screenshots one is on the correct position and one is after a reboot the icons moved to a other position…

    Correct position

    Afther reboot wrong position


  • sorry but this is support for Antergos Linux here …
    Please ask your question at Windows-XP Forum ;)

    There must be an option to fix position of the icons somewhere… it is cinnamon?

    Yes: right click on desktop > desktop > sort automaticly // Aligning at the grid


  • @joekamprad This is Antergos i only used a windows xp theme…

  • @Xray2000 sorry today is my make fun of it day!

  • @joekamprad I have try that but then you get some space between the desktop end and the icons… you can see that on the second screen, but i have now found out and change no grid use into the gconf editor gnome-desktop now it look better thanks for the helps… But it’s not complete resolved…

  • @joekamprad said in Computer Personal Map .... Icons position on desktop:

    @Xray2000 sorry today is my make fun of it day!

    Ok no problem :)

  • I have solved it…

    For others guys that have the problem what i have done is start dconf-editor then got to org/nemo/dekstop

    There you can adjust the horizontal gird and vertical grid i have set that on Horizontal: 65 and vertical on 80

    Now my icons on desktop are on the correct place ;)


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