• Could you listen to a 80 seconds long game soundtrack?


    As in the topic: if you have spare 80 second, please listen to the soundtrack I’m planning to add to my brand new game written in Python.



    • Is this suitable for listening at all?
    • If so, is 80 looped seconds enough, as the background to the board game? (the main game only)

    Hope to be able to show you more soon, but I’m still waiting for my friend who’s the author of the graphics to draw several pictures.

  • @piotr
    i liked the soundtrack! For some reason remembered me some of the Age of empires 2 music too.

  • @fernandomaroto Thanks! What you linked, is over an hour long, and surely made by professionals. I’m not a musician, and only need a track to the innocent board game. :) This may be slightly in contrary to the white mouse running across the screen, but I do hope you’ll like it.

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