• Serious Newbie Question: Do I have a virus?

    Okay, so I was just searching some stuff up via DuckDuckGo (I used the top search/address bar in Firefox Quantum). Suddenly this browser.loyalty-awards site pops up saying that I’ve won an iPhone X or whatever. Obviously this has to be a scam, right? But the question I really want answered is how just a little search ended up being re-routed to this page. Is it possible I have a virus somehow, and if so how do I remove it? I have only installed items from the AUR: mugshot, minecraft, and breeze-default-cursor-theme. I can only remember downloading a few installable (jar) files from online once; the java files were various Minecraft forge versions from the original site.

    Is it possible that this page wasn’t a “scam” per se, but rather Mozilla has fallen further off its rocker? Thank you in advance for any answers!

  • remove mozilla configurations:

    rm -R ~/.mozilla
    rm -R ~ /.cache/mozilla

    you will lost firefox configurations but you will get rid of redirection code.

    It is possible to get some" infections" inside the browser like this, may install some security adons like this :


    It will block javascript attacs and also blocks annoying commercials

  • i agree with @joekamprad , most likely is a browser problem/virus, not that your system is contaminated.
    Do as he says and add some blockers in your browser too, like ublock origin at least
    here i also use:

    https everywhere
    no coin
    popup blocker strict

    Just in case you can install clamav which you’ll need to learn how to use in terminal, since it’s graphical interface clamtk is awful.

  • clamav virusscanner:

    sudo pacman -S clamav
    sudo freshclam
    sudo systemctl start clamd.service
    sudo systemctl enable clamd.service

    freshclam will download main.cvd antivirus database and it will take some time …

    clamscan can be used to scan certain files, home directory, or an entire system:

    clamscan myfile
    clamscan --recursive --infected /home # or -r -i
    clamscan --recursive --infected --exclude-dir='^/sys|^/dev' /

    and as @fernandomaroto say the gui (clamtk) is … TK and i do not know it is more then awful !!!

  • @Aervec
    Hi I believe that joekamprad is rigtht and clearing the browser will fix the problem it’s unlikely to be a Linux virus that can infect your machine. There are very few in the wild and those that are seem to target servers rather than individual machines. see this page https://www.linux.com/learn/myth-busting-linux-immune-viruses
    Best of Linux computing :)

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