• Lightdm and GDM

    On this page:


    They suggest to start by doing

    sudo pacman -Rcns lightdm

    I’m kinda a noob, but this doesn’t seem right to me, because when I do this, I get:

    0_1513515476338_Screenshot from 2017-12-17 07-56-05.png

    Note, this is after I removed

    pacman -R gnome-shell-extension-status-menu-buttons

    More would have been removed otherwise…

    I’m not totally convinced the next steps on the page

    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl -f enable gdm

    would reinstall those packages…

    Please tell me I’m wrong, or somebody please fix the page, else I think it would lead to someone wrecking their system.
    I love antergos!

  • Hi there😀.

    @karasu and the rest of the Antergos team have been working on some meta packages, which basically just list every single package that is installed in Cnchi as a dependency. Due to this, by removing one of the dependencies, it attempts to remove the others as well. To uninstall the meta package, just search in Pamac for the one you have installed (CTRL F and then just type “meta”, looking for all the ones you have installed). Then, open up your terminal and type sudo pacman -Rdd name-of-installed-meta-packages. This will remove them without taking anything else along with it. After this, you can safely follow the directions you listed above without issues.

    Hope this helps and good luck😀.

  • @bartsnapp
    Just to complement @Keegan info.
    If you want to use gdm instead of lightdm you don’t need to uninstall anything (you can keep both installed)
    simply install gdm and enable it:
    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl enable -f gdm

    And if someday you want to get lightdm back just:
    sudo systemctl enable -f lightdm

  • @bartsnapp I encountered the same problem, broke my system and all. But the second time around I removed LightDM with Pamac - it only selected the necessary files to remove (six in all I think). It worked fine when I installed KDE on this computer and then Xfce on my other machine.

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